Thanks Dave.

A few of the 2006 Monte owners with the 3.9 under the hood of thier cars asked how I like the engine in my 2006 Monte? I love it. but I don't drive the car enough to really know it. To date it has 15,300 miles on it. And it already had 10,000 miles on it when I bought it in oct, 2006. My local Chevy dealer found the car. They cleaimed it was a company lease car.
One main reason I agreed on buying the car was they cut $10,000 off the price. They were still asking $28-30 k for a new Monte even that late in the model year. They had an incredible bright red SS that I test drove. And I knew if I owned it, I'd get a speeding ticket for sure.
The dealer offered to find me a Monte they felt was right for me. One saturday they had me come in to look over a 3LT and an LTZ they'd found. The 3LT had the 3.5 V6 under the hood and was $1,000 then the LTZ. I planned on buying the 3LT.
Things changed by the following tuesday and I was able to buy the LTZ, instead.
There were 20 years inbetwen the time I had my last car loan and this 2006 Monte. After buying the Monte, I began to have feelings of wanting to keep it as nice as I could for as long as I could. And with owning my own fleet it make it easy to decide what I wanted.
I've gotten a lot of jabs from the members of Monte Carlo Forum over the fact I rarely drive the '06 Monte. But I know it's all in fun.