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Thread: 66 Chev 2 Door/ 4 Door Frames

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    Question 66 Chev 2 Door/ 4 Door Frames

    Does anyone out there know if you can take a frame from underneath a '66 4 door Impala/Bel Air/ Biscayne and put it under a '66 2 door without any modifications??


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    I believe they are both the same 119 inch wheelbase The doors on the four door are shorter as the rear door cut the quarter down in length. I believe the floor pan is quite the same and also the mounts
    Thanks Steve

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    If it is off it wouldn't be by much.. A way to check is find a body shp that will let you look at there frame charts. Most have them to measure when repairing frames may be a bit tuff finding them that old??? A google or yahoo search may help
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    I found a picture in one of the manuals I had. Didn't see anything that spells out a difference between a 2 door versus a four door, just convertible and non-convertible:


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