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Thread: My 56 is Over Fuelling

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    Default My 56 is Over Fuelling

    Hi everyone,
    I need urgent help.I took my car back to my restorer because of under performance and fuel related problems. The motor is a chevy small block 350 with a Weiand intake manifold fitted with Holley 600 carb.They came back to me with the following report:
    "We have found out that the car performs well when we put on a quadrajet carburettor but with a holley,it does not respond to any settings.When we adjust the air/fuel mixture screws on the idle circuit in or out there is no lean out effect on idle, when we accelerate,there is a black smoke billowing from the exhaust all the way through the rev range. We have found out that the car to be over fuelling resulting in it rinsing the cylinder eventually causing an oil fuel mix. We then find fuel in the oil.The oil then thins losing it's hydraulic capability resulting in the cam followers not being able to pump up. Although there is no external visible sign of flooding like spilling at the venturiesor overflowing from the float bowl"
    I hope this report make sense for you to be able to resolve my proble.
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    You could just buy a new carb or rebuild the one you have. Carbs like everything else wear out and it sounds like that has happened here. I may be worth trying a rebuild kit
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    Sounds like too big a carb for the stock engine. If you do not fix it right away you will be overhauling the engine.
    Put a smaller carb on It.

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    Sounds to me they think a carb change will fix your problem. So I'd try that.

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