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Thread: Budget used GM 5.3s 6.0s and more!

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    Default Budget used GM 5.3s 6.0s and more!

    Well I am now a Sponsor!
    Mid-South Performance & Fab[/SIZE][/U][/COLOR]

    I have several used Gen III motors and am working on getting more. These first ones are DBC and 1999-2002.

    These motors have accessories, and manifolds still on engine. They don't have harness/PCM currently, but I am working on getting harness for these first ones as they are longblocks. The rest will have harness as I get them.

    If you do not see what you like on the below list, please feel free to post questions here or PM me with your request as this is just a sample of what I have, same with shipping quotes. All engines are strapped down to a pallet and wrapped in plastic.


    '99 LR4 130K $400
    '03 LR4 92k $500
    '04 LR4 94k $500


    '99 LM7 150k $500
    '00 LM7 116k $600
    '07 L59 24k $1600

    '01 LQ4 112k $1200
    '02 LQ4 89k $1300

    -4l60's $800
    -4l80's $1000
    -No warranty on transmissions.

    Stock Truck Harness's and PCM $250
    PCM's for $75

    -All are truck motors and ironblocks unless noted

    I am not a fly by night guy, these are not being drop shipped from anywhere else, these motors are in stock in my shop. My suppler is a large auto recyclers that has been in business for over 20 years and is run by a family that has been in the auto salvage industry over 40 years. So I have access to a supply of motors and parts. I in most cases pull the motor or parts myself. I inspect and clean each motor. I am currently working on a test stand to test each motor. Most these first motors will be budget motors with 75-100K+ mile motors. Which is nothing for these motors. I can get lower mileage motors and newer ones, but that increases prices based on mileage and year.

    I can also clean and paint the iron blocks as well whatever color you want for extra, as well as mod the harness to standalone. I don't do tuning but can have the PCM tuned as well for $175.
    Add $50 bucks or paint
    Add $200 for modifying a stock truck harness to a standalone harness.

    All motors have a 90 day guarantee from date of shipping. So if you have a problem I will fix it, if its a part or ship you another motor!

    If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call, email, pm, whatever you need to do, I am customer service oriented and strive to do my best.

    Scott Stroud
    -55 210 delray 235/3sp
    -56 Belair 4 door hardtop*next project* 5.3/4l60/3.08's (looking for 25mpg!)
    -73 IH Scout II Vortec 6.0L 4L65e np241
    -01 VW Beetle TDI 50+MPG! :tu

    Gen III/IV V8 "LS" swap info

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    Thanks to Mid-South for being an official sponsor of ChevyLegends


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    Yes and Mid-South's prices are realistic too
    Thanks Steve

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    thanks scott!

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    Bo do you have any 5.3 480HP engines? and what price?

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