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Thread: Teamchevy's 57 Chevrolet 210 Build

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    Next up was the fenders. Passengers inside being washed:

    Rinsed and dried:

    Passenger outside being washed:

    After being rinsed and dried off:

    Driver's inside being washed:

    Rinsed and dried off:

    Outside being washed:

    Rinsed and dried off:


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    After a quick sandwich for lunch, we starting hanging parts in his paint booth. It sure would be nice to have one of these!

    The plan was to shoot all of these parts today and them finish off both sets of doors tomorrow and the top side to the hood and decklid. Now this was a first for me. Randy gave me a few pointers on how to use the gun and I started on the decklid inside. A little nervous at first. After completing it, I moved onto the hood inside. By the time I finished the first fender, I was getting more of a hang of it. Randy actually left the booth, figuring I was getting better and would likely do better without an audience. I put one coat on the hood and decklid and two coats on the fenders and small parts.

    All done, for today:

    Moved all of the parts out to the heated area of the shop for overnight and cleaned up our mess, then home for a shower and dinner!

    Tomorrow, wipe down all the doors, figure out how we're going to hang them, the finish shooting

    Thanks for looking in!


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    Default 03/19/17 Update

    This morning we started at about 7:30 and got back into finishing off our priming project. Today's plan was to finish priming the top side of my decklid and hood and complete both of my doors as well as Randy's.

    First up, we put the decklid and hood back into the booth:

    I wiped done both parts and mixed up the primer. Now to finish the tops:

    After they flashed off and were dry to handle, we moved them back out to the shop and brought in the doors, my 57 doors and Randy's 55 doors:


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    Once the doors were all wiped down, we mixed up more primer, then used a small touch-up gun and sprayed as much as we could on the inside of the inner and outer panels. Then I finished off both sides of mine and Randy did his:


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    The last thing we did for the day was to move all of the dry parts back into the booth and left the doors and my hood and decklid in the shop to further dry. All done by 1:00 pm:

    Tomorrow after work, we'll move those parts back into the booth and then I hope to bring mine back home next weekend.

    Thanks for looking in! Have a great week!


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    looking good
    Enjoying what I get to do everyday PLAYING IN MY SHOP
    Every one needs a hobby I have 3
    Laus Deo

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