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Thread: Early Fuelie heads

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    Default Early Fuelie heads

    Wanted to get some honest feedback. I have a pair of early 2.02 fuelie heads I believe around 64 or 65 vintage no accessory hole which I believe indicates that they are earlier one's. Now I know back in the day when I had more hair and a lot more money fuelie heads were at a premium. I used to see them bringing upwards of $500 and up in swap meets. Now with the advent of all the aftermarket hi performance heads they have dropped off in value, but I would have to think they are still of some value to a restorer who wants everything period correct. So my question is whats a fair asking price for a pair. I'm not one of these guys who think everything he has is worth it's weight in gold but I hate giving stuff away too. Selling off a lot of my old rust and dust is how I finance my Nomad project so I appreciate your input.

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    bought a set last summer at awap meet $225.00 they are sitting standing up in a corner of the shop.
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    I actually bought three sets while purchasing a turbo 400 last year and paid $100.00 for all. Now had a set rebuilt which cost me $500.00. They are dated for 66 and 67 and only seem to bring between 400 and 500 rebuilt ready to use. Mine are also without accessory holes. So I would guess in decent shape needing a freshen up would be $100.00 on an average. The ones I had rebuilt have comps springs that are good up to 550 lift and they sit on the shelf cause I found a set just built with accessory holes for the sweet price of ZIP NADDA NOTHING Wish I found those before I had the other ones done.
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    At the swap meet last November I saw them going $100-$150 a set for used, and $400 a set for totally rebuilt wwith all new SS valves. They sure had a lot of them, so seems there's still no shortage. I ended up going aluminum on my 327 when I couldn't find a good set, then right afterwards they're everywhere.

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